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Business Services in memphis

Meeting Facilities, Concierge Amenities and More
The Crescent Club is never less than inspiring- a personal getaway where you can retreat from the hubbub of the office and read, write, make calls, or simply think. Here, amidst panoramic views of downtown Memphis, big ideas just seem to come naturally. 

Business Services
Make yourself at home in the lounge, on the phone or working on your laptop. We provide concierge, administrative, and meeting planning services to support your business needs. Find convenient telephone access and high-speed Internet, as well as reliable copy and print services throughout the Club.

Video Conferencing
Experience the highest quality and greatest value in videoconferencing. For meetings that already regularly take place and require face-to-face communication, videoconferencing provides an ideal substitute for the physical presence of remote participants. Reduce both your travel costs and travel time while making meeting attendance more convenient.

Meeting Services
Our Club offers properly equipped conference rooms, conducive to all of your meeting and presentation needs. We support all types of business activities including interviews, executive board meetings, seminars and training sessions. Full catering services are available for all events.

Concierge Services
We have an available list of Memphis-area hotel contacts to assist with reservations for out-of-town guests. The Club also offers access to local high-end transportation if you are traveling from the airport or local hotels. If you wish to entertain on a golf course, we can make arrangements with local high-end golf courses.